Chrissy Teigen says Duchess Meghan reached out to her after baby Jack's death

By Heather Cichowski

Chrissy Teigen says Duchess Meghan reached out to her after baby Jack's death

In 2020, both Duchess Meghan and Chrissy Teigen experienced pregnancy loss and chose to share their stories publicly.

That November, the Duchess of Sussex's emotional essay about experiencing a miscarriage the previous summer was published in The New York Times. Chrissy shared photos of the heartbreaking aftermath of losing baby Jack and wrote a moving essay for Medium.

Chrissy recently revealed Meghan reached out to her following the loss of Jack.

On the Watch What Happens Live! After Show on April 20, the best-selling cookbook author confirmed she and Meghan had spoken.

"Yes, she has been so kind to me ever since we connected on – she had written about baby Jack, and loss," Chrissy told host Andy Cohen during the virtual interview. Her remarks were in response to a fan's question about whether the cookbook author and Meghan had been speaking now that the duchess and Prince Harry are living in California.

"But yeah, she is really wonderful and so kind — just as kind as everyone says she is," the 35-year-old said.

Chrissy has previously lent her support to Meghan and spoken out about how they worked together on Deal or No Deal.

MORE: Chrissy Teigen's friends donate blood in memory of baby Jack

Chrissy lost her and John Legend's third child, Jack, after she experienced a partial placental abruption, which caused bleeding that sent her to hospital in late September 2020.

"I feel bad that our grief was so public because I made the joy so public... I feel bad that I made you all feel bad. I always will," she wrote in her essay for Medium about the pregnancy loss.

During the difficult period, celebrities showed their support for John, Chrissy and their family, and a few of their friends donated blood in the memory of Jack.

In the Duchess of Sussex's essay, which was entitled "The Losses We Share," she wrote about the July 2020 day she experienced her miscarriage and called it "an almost unbearable grief."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently expecting their second child, a girl, who will be born sometime this summer.

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