Amanda Gorman honours coronavirus pandemic heroes with poem at Super Bowl 2021

By Heather Cichowski

Amanda Gorman honours coronavirus pandemic heroes with poem at Super Bowl 2021

Amanda Gorman delivered another sensational performance that will have people talking for days. The National Youth Poet Laureate recited an original poem during the 2021 Super Bowl pregame coin toss on Feb. 7, highlighting those making a difference during COVID-19.

The 22-year-old appeared in a pre-recorded video, where she gave a rousing performance of her poem, "Chorus of the Captains." The "honorary captains" she referenced are three of the incredible people who have supported their communities during the coronavirus pandemic: veteran James Martin, educator Trimaine Davis and ICU nurse manager Suzie Dorner.

In the inaugural poet's minute-and-a-half poem, she highlighted the amazing ways the three have made a difference, despite personal struggles and challenges faced by the pandemic. Suzie has lost both of her grandmothers to COVID-19, but continues to fight to save lives in the ICU. James takes in at-risk kids to his home while Trimaine helps family and friends by providing tech and livestreams of football.

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"A time of uncertainty and need. They've taken the lead, Exceeding all expectations and limitations, Uplifting their communities and neighbours As leaders, healers and educators," the 22-year-old said in her poem.

The National Youth Poet Laureate speaking during the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden. Photo: © Rob Carr/Getty Images

The pre-recorded video shifted between moments from the lives of the three honorary captains, and Amanda performing her piece in an embellished metallic trench coat by Moschino, pearl headband and hoop earrings.

Amanda's poem ended: "Let us walk with these warriors, Charge on with these champions, And carry forth the call of our captains!

"We celebrate them by acting With courage and compassion, By doing what is right and just. For while we honour them today, It is they who every day honour us."

The beautiful piece follows Amanda's amazing performance of her poem, "The Hill We Climb" at the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 20.

The talented poet recently spoke with Michelle Obama about the lead up to performing her inauguration poem and the impact of that moment.

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