Larry King, 87, moved out of ICU after being hospitalized with COVID-19

By Heather Cichowski, with files from Zach Harper

Larry King, 87, moved out of ICU after being hospitalized with COVID-19

Larry King has been moved out of the ICU after he was hospitalized with COVID-19.

The 87-year-old has been in the care of Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for more than a week.

On Jan. 4, a spokesperson said Larry had received oxygen while in the intensive care unit. Thankfully, he is now breathing on his own, according to David Theall, a spokesperson for OraMedia, a production company formed by the broadcasting legend.

Larry was reportedly able to have a video call with his three sons after leaving intensive care. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, his family had been unable to visit him in the hospital, but have been closely following his condition.

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Larry has previously battled a number of health issues, which put him at greater risk for COVID-19. He has Type 2 diabetes and has had heart disease issues for decades. The former CNN TV personality first had a heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery in 1987. More recently, he had an angioplasty in 2019 after experiencing angina.

In 2017, Larry revealed he had a cancerous tumour removed from one of his lungs when doctors were conducting routine X-rays on his chest to check his heart condition.

Larry King with his children and ex-wife, Shawn King (far right). L-R: Andy King, Larry King, Jr., Chaia King, Larry, Shawn. Chance and Cannon King, Shawn and Larry's children, are in front. Andy and Chaia passed away in 2019. Photo: © Jemal Countess/WireImage

Two of Larry's children died just weeks apart in 2020. His son Andy passed away at age 65 from a heart attack and daughter Chaia died of lung cancer at the age of 52.

We wish Larry and his family all the best and hope he recovers quickly.

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