Hugh Jackman just couldn't resist sharing Ryan Reynolds's unapproved take for his SickKids campaign ad

By Heather Cichowski

Hugh Jackman just couldn't resist sharing Ryan Reynolds's unapproved take for his SickKids campaign ad

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are nowhere near letting their "feud" die, especially when they are currently facing off to benefit SickKids with the help of Hugh's Laughing Man Coffee, Ryan's Aviation Gin company and Sam's Club.

In the latest battle round, the Australian actor shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes video of the two of them.

"Wondering why he didn’t approve this take?" Hugh asked when he posted the clip on Dec. 10.

The short video showed the frenemies filming in front of a green screen. Ryan delivered an impressive monologue in which he insulted Hugh's Laughing Man Coffee and referred to him as "Hughseph Chappy Jackman" and a “terrible person." Of course, the Wolverine star wasn't going to take all of the fighting words so he went after Ryan at the end of the video.

The Canadian actor manages to say, "I am Ryan Reynolds and I approve this message" before he promptly runs out of the frame with Hugh in hot pursuit of him!

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The SickKids and Sam's Club campaign began when Ryan posted a video to Instagram on Oct. 29 of the two "enemies" staring each other down.

The message read, "The feud is coming to Sam's Club."

From there, they shared a video on Nov. 10. Ryan captioned the post: "A Canadian and an Australian walk into a Sam’s Club to help @sickkidsvs and #LaughingManFoundation. Cheers from @aviationgin and I guess, @laughingmancoffee #Hughmiliation"

On Nov. 27, Hugh uploaded the finished, approved version of the ad. It even featured a surprise appearance from Ryan's mom, Tammy. The Bad Education star taunted Ryan further by captioning the post, "Hi Tammy!"

Hugh doesn't chase Ryan at the end of the finished video, but he does get him good. The dad of three asked, "How did you get my mom?" Hugh replied, "She's staying with me."

There are still a few weeks left until Christmas and we bet this isn't the end of Ryan and Hugh's holiday feud. Stay tuned!

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