Ryan Reynolds records special message for boy who was worried he'd be without friends on his birthday

By Zach Harper

Ryan Reynolds records special message for boy who was worried he'd be without friends on his birthday

Ryan Reynolds has a huge heart!

The kind Hollywood star already made headlines this week for personally making 400 thank-you videos for the crew of Red Notice, who were put into a bubble to continue making the movie during the coronavirus pandemic. And now, he's sent nine-year-old Damien Smith a special birthday message so he doesn't feel alone.

Damien and his parents recently moved from the lower British Columbia mainland to Salmon Arm, which is in the interior of the province. He was concerned the move, especially during the pandemic, would mean he'd turn nine years old without any friends, so his parents asked people to mail him cards.

He got more than 1,000 from all over the world, and Ryan even sent him a special video message.

"I relate to your story a lot because I also went to a new school when I was a kid – a couple of them, actually," the British Columbia-born star said in the clip. "And I remember how alienating that felt, and I remember how alone I felt and unseen I felt."

He also added that people were pointing out they'd been through something similar to Damien.

"I guess the point is that you're not alone."

Damien and his family were deeply touched by the message, which Ryan apparently recorded and sent in October.

"It was neat to see his facial expression change when he realized who was on the TV," Tiffanie Smith, Damien's mom, told Castanet about his reaction to seeing Deadpool saying happy birthday to him.

"We're so grateful and proud of how fast the world came together. In this time, when the whole world is so divided, how quickly they came together for somebody they don't even know."

As mentioned, earlier this week Ryan recorded 400 thank-you messages for the crew of Red Notice, expressing gratitude for them putting themselves in a social bubble so the film could continue shooting during the pandemic. He also recently sent parkas to children in Nunavut and is doing a special contest with Hugh Jackman to raise money for SickKids. Earlier this year, he helped women's hockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser round up personal protective equipment for health care workers during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ryan is incredibly generous, and we have no doubt we'll see him continue to do things like this throughout the holiday season!

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