Why Ryan Reynolds recorded 400 personal thank-you videos

By Zach Harper

Why Ryan Reynolds recorded 400 personal thank-you videos

It's no exaggeration to say Ryan Reynolds is incredibly kind. He's known throughout Hollywood for his generosity, which this year has included helping round up personal protective equipment for health care workers, sending parkas to children in Nunavut and leveraging his "feud" with Hugh Jackman to raise money for SickKids. And now he's recorded 400 individual thank-you videos for crew members.

Yes. Four hundred.

Red Notice, the Netflix film Ryan worked on with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Gal Gadot, was forced to stop production due to the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. But the streaming platform came up with an idea to get things rolling again: put everyone in the Atlanta crew in a "sequestered bubble."

"They went to work under the most intense circumstances every day," he wrote on Instagram on Oct. 30 when he revealed the film had wrapped. Some of them even had to go weeks without seeing those they loved the most.

"That sacrifice is not only theirs, but it also belongs to their family, friends and loved ones who haven't seen them in months," Ryan continued. "Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear masks. And visors. And have cotton swabs shoved up their noses every day."

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Ryan personally recorded thank-you videos for every person involved, and also sent everyone a bottle of his Aviation Gin.

"I made videos for their dogs," he hilariously told the publication. "Morale was so low because everyone was in lockdown. They couldn't go anywhere but work or the hotel. In some cases, their families were at home less than a mile away. I can't imagine that kind of longing."

You're truly a class act, Ryan!

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