2020 U.S. election: Celebrities urge patience as vote count continues

By Zach Harper

2020 U.S. election: Celebrities urge patience as vote count continues

As we approach the 48-hour mark since polls closed in the 2020 American election, we're still waiting for a winner to be determined. Votes continue to be counted in several key battleground states, and celebrities have been encouraging their fans to be patient, saying a long wait shows the democratic process is working as it should.

Rihanna was one of those and turned her Instagram grid into an important message on Nov. 4. She posted six times, ensuring two thirds of her nine-post grid read "count every vote we'll wait."

Kim Kardashian posted a similar message to her Instagram Story, writing "COUNT EVERY VOTE" in all caps, and adding "Waiting is hard, but democracy is worth waiting for."

Kylie Jenner had a special message for those who are working tirelessly at the polls to ensure the democratic process is followed. She shared a post from Power the Polls which read: "Poll workers: We know you're still working to count every vote. Thank you."

Kerry Washington posted something similar, and thanked her fans for voting.

"I would like to thank YOU! For coming out in HISTORIC numbers," she wrote on Instagram. "There were more voters than ever before. Black voters, Latinx voters, Asian voters, women voters, young voters. Our democracy works when we do the work and we did that this Election SZN.

"It's not over. Every vote needs to be counted because we have a democracy for the people, BY the people. I know it's hard to wait but democracy is worth waiting for!! Now is the time to be patient and calm while local election officials do their thing. But we still deserve to feel joy and excitement in this moment because we turned out this election!"

On Nov. 4, Joe Biden was determined to have carried the vote in Michigan and Wisconsin, bringing him to 253 electoral college votes, according to CBC News and The Associated Press, but still just shy of the 270 votes needed to win. Donald Trump's electoral college count stands at 214. The vote continues in key states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Alaska and Nevada. Those states are too close to call.

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