2020 U.S. election: Celebs encourage fans to vote as America goes to the polls

By Zach Harper

2020 U.S. election: Celebs encourage fans to vote as America goes to the polls

It's Election Day in the United States! Americans are heading to the polls today to choose whether Donald Trump will serve a second term as president or if Joe Biden will become the 46th president. And many people have already voted by mail in what is one of the most important and anticipated elections in decades.

Celebrities have been vocal throughout campaign, with many encouraging their fans to vote by mail or head to the polls, and they continued to do so on Nov. 3.

Halloween might be over, but Katy Perry still wanted to get dressed up, and encouraged fans to do their civic duty by standing on the sidewalk dressed as a human I Voted sticker.

The new mom posted a video to her Instagram in which she was seen waving at passing cars, full of drivers that honked their encouragement and even shouted out the window at her. One person yelled, "That's hysterical." (Yes!) Later in the clip, she tried to go into a store but had a little trouble, due to the width of the placard she was wearing on her head!

Taking to Instagram, Cardi B posted a video in which she told followers she'd just voted and there were only 10 people ahead of her in line.

"Go vote because you will feel like you... I don't know, it feels good," she said, showing off her "I Voted" sticker, which she'd put on her nose. "You really feel like you just did something."

Ariana Grande tweeted helpful information about how fans could find their nearest polling place.

Taylor Swift took to Instagram and Twitter on Nov. 2 to post a helpful video urging fans to go vote. She also posted a polling place locator tool along with the clip.

"So we are all very stressed out about this election – rightfully so," she said. "I feel you. But allow me to be the 1 millionth person to remind you that tomorrow is your last chance to make your voice heard and to make your vote count, so if you haven't voted yet, please do.

"Stay safe, wear a mask, take care of yourself. I love you very much. Happy voting."

There's a chance we may not know the winner of the Nov. 3 election for days or weeks if the vote becomes contested, so we're happy to see celebrities encouraging their fans to get out and make sure their voices are heard.