'It's time': Mariah Carey officially opens holiday season with hilarious video

By Zach Harper

'It's time': Mariah Carey officially opens holiday season with hilarious video

With everything that's gone on this year, 2020 might have you feeling like all you want for Christmas is... well, for Christmas to get here right now. (You might also just want this year to be over, or for COVID-19 to end with the discovery of an effective and safe vaccine... but for now, let's maybe just settle for the holiday season.)

There's usually some argument about whether people can start putting Christmas and holiday decorations up before Nov. 11, which is Remembrance Day. But it's safe to say many people will be making the leap early this month, or have already put up their lights and tree. ( Tan France has. See below.)

Mariah Carey, already practically the ambassador for all things green and red and peppermint-flavoured – aside from Santa Claus, of course – is not someone who is going to wait until later this month to put decorations up or get in the holiday spirit. She made this abundantly clear on Nov. 1 when she shared a hilarious video on Instagram.

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Guess what? ❄️

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In the clip, someone in a pretty freakish ghoul mask with staples all over its mouth opens a door and heads into a hallway to be met with another door that has "NOT YET" labelled on it a handprint that seems to indicate STOP. That door also opens, and behind it... is Mariah, sitting on a white, puffy fleece blanket in flannel pyjamas, with all manner of red and green, tinsel and a tree behind her. Her two pups are outfitted in adorable red-and-white Christmas sweaters.

"It's tiiiiiiiime," Mariah says in the clip, looking at her wristwatch (which she still wears in 2020 for some reason). From there, the video launches into her beloved "All I Want for Christmas is You (Make My Wish Come True)" before the words "It's time (but let's get through Thanksgiving first)" are superimposed on the screen.

Since it's only Nov. 2, expect much more holiday cheer from Mariah this year. She's also set to star in an Apple TV+ holiday special, Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special, later this year. Surprise guests are in store, and hopefully many performances. We need it.