TIFF 2020: Carey Mulligan recalls working with Emerald Fennell long before 'Promising Young Woman'

By Heather Cichowski

TIFF 2020: Carey Mulligan recalls working with Emerald Fennell long before 'Promising Young Woman'

Carey Mulligan joined a special virtual L’Oréal Paris meet and greet during the Toronto International Film Festival where she spoke about her upcoming new film, Promising Young Woman.

During the chat, which was moderated by TIFF's Joana Vicente, the British actress discussed the experience of working with The Crown star Emerald Fennell on the project. She also revealed how the two shared a connection they didn't realize until after they began working on Promising Young Woman.

(L-R) Bo Burnham, Carey Mulligan, Kevin Smith and Emerald Fennell at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 25, 2020 in Park City, Utah. Photo: © Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

It turns out the two appeared on a British TV show when they were both in their late teens!

"Strangely, Emerald and I actually worked together on an episode – it was the second bit of television that I ever did," 35-year-old Carey shared. "It was an episode of Trial & Retribution which is like a murder-mystery show in the U.K. that I think every actor in the world has done at some point – or British actor."

"Michael Fassbender played a policeman in it," the Great Gatsby star continued. "I was very young in it. I was like 19.

"And Emerald played this girl in a nightclub who started a fight with me, and pushed me over, and then I go home and end up getting murdered," she continued, chuckling.

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"Emerald and I had met then, but we didn't remember it, so when we were filming [ Promising Young Woman] we sort of got presented with this footage of us shoving each other as 19-year-olds in a nightclub."

Since neither remembered that moment until filming, Carey revealed she and The Crown actress met closer to working on Promising Young Woman.

"We had met through mutual friends not long before she offered me the job, but we kind of bumped along," Carey stated. "We're the same age, we're in similar circles. She actually worked for my agent when she was a young woman, so all sorts of weird things, strange coincidences."

Emerald, who also is behind Killing Eve, produced Promising Young Woman. Carey stars in it alongside Bo Burnham, Adam Brody and Alison Brie. The film explores revenge in a unique way. Carey is optimistic it will be released in theatres before the end of the year.

The talented star talked about the potential impact of the movie.

"I think it is going to raise loads of questions," she mused. "And I think it's going to make people go off and think and do all that stuff which is great, which is one of the reasons to make it."

Carey is also hopeful she will work with Emerald again at some point. "We've got some ideas that we're kind of cooking up," she teased in the TIFF chat.

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