Hugh Jackman reacts to his Emmy nomination by trolling Ryan Reynolds... who returns the favour

By Zach Harper

Hugh Jackman reacts to his Emmy nomination by trolling Ryan Reynolds... who returns the favour

Congrats to Hugh Jackman! The 51-year-old could win his second Emmy Award after he was nominated for his work in Bad Education. He's received plenty of supportive texts from celebrity friends wanting to lavish praise on him for the nod, but one person's text was conspicuously absent!

Hugh and Ryan Reynolds have had a fictional feud going for quite some time. Hugh took that to the next level in an interview with E! News.

"Lots of texts from everyone I know. Nothing from Ryan," he joked when asked who he'd heard from after getting his nomination.

"But Blake... Hang on. I'm just reading it now," he continued.

"'He's devastated,'" he said, reading the make-believe text from Ryan's wife of nearly eight years. "'He says he's not getting out of bed for three days. This is the greatest gift you've ever given me."

Hugh paused and continued, "I don't know! That's all I got from Blake."

Ryan did eventually respond by sending Hugh a video "congratulating" him on his nomination.

"Heard you got an Emmy nomination," he said in a deadpan clip that Hugh posted on Instagram. "That's crazy. Just crazy. Not 'cause you don't deserve it..."

He paused, turned his head off to the side, said, "Well," and the clip ended. LOL!

Ryan and Hugh have not slowed down in trolling each other since the coronavirus pandemic started. The two have been poking fun at each other good-naturedly for a few years now. Some of our favourite episodes in their ongoing "battle" include...

That time Ryan joked that the people behind Hugh at a Wolverine screening in Beijing were not actually fans...

That time Hugh wore a mask of Ryan's face in 2016 when Ryan got his Hollywood Walk of Fame star. The move was in "retaliation" for a time Deadpool wore a mask of Hugh's face...

And that time Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh tricked Ryan into wearing an ugly Christmas sweater in 2018. Don't worry, Ryan eventually grew to love the dorky garment, as evidence below shows:

Congrats on the nomination, Hugh! We hope Ryan pops in to the Emmy Awards to say something very special if Hugh wins!

The 2020 Emmy Awards will be held Sept. 20 and will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. It's not yet known what form the telecast will take, since the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing and will likely complicate things.

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