Matt Damon is isolating in Ireland with his family

By Zach Harper

Matt Damon is isolating in Ireland with his family

When the coronavirus pandemic first took the world by storm, Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso and their children were in Dalkey, Ireland. They're still there.

Matt was shooting a film with longtime buddy Ben Affleck, The Last Duel, in the small town just outside of Dublin, and he's been delighting residents, who've spotted him out and about on numerous occasions. Even more adorably, they've begun referring to him as "Matt O'Damon," according to The New York Times.

Before the lockdown, he was spotted in a pub, jogging and on a beach. Amusingly, The New York Times reports most residents have instantly recognized him, but not reaalllly wanted to say hi or tell him they know who he is out of worry they'll actually bother him.

"I think it's an Irish thing," novelist Denise Deegan, who ran into Matt herself, told the newspaper. "We don't want anyone who is a celebrity to thin that we are in any way sycophantic."

Dalkey is so gorgeous and we wish we were isolating there, too! Photo: © Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Matt and his family own property in Brooklyn, and could have returned there, but opted to stay in Ireland and wait things out. It's not known whether they'll head home afterward or Matt wants to hang on until he's cleared to begin shooting again.

Last week, the country declared it had ended the first wave of COVID-19. Leo Varadkar, the country's prime minister, had even drawn international praise for registering again as a medical doctor – he worked as one before he was a politician – and taking on shifts in hospitals to help ease the strain on frontline responders and health care workers. Ireland has reported more than 17,000 cases of COVID-19, according to the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine.

As of this writing, the medical school says there have been nearly 2.8 million case of COVID-19 confirmed in 185 countries and regions. The illness has killed nearly 195,000 people worldwide, but more than 765,000 people have recovered from it.

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