2020 Golden Globes: Olivia Colman shares what she would most like to ask the Queen

By Heather Cichowski

2020 Golden Globes: Olivia Colman shares what she would most like to ask the Queen

Olivia Colman picked up a Golden Globe Award for her incredible portrayal of the Queen in Season 3 of The Crown on Jan. 5, and backstage, she shared some interesting insight on what she would askHer Majesty, if given the chance!

The three-time Golden Globe winner revealed the thing she's been wondering about the monarch with plenty of her typical dry, sardonic humour.

"If I met the Queen I would quite like to ask her what other jobs she would have liked, if she’d had a choice," The Crown actress said. "Everybody says, 'What’s in her handbag?' but I don't care what’s in her handbag."

She also revealed that despite her impeccable acting skills, playing the Queen definitely didn't come as naturally to her as some might think from watching the performance!

"[Her Majesty's] reserved side is not something that comes naturally to me," admitted the British actress. "On occasions when I couldn't control myself, we had to come up with sort of tricks to try and stop me from crying.

"They gave me an earpiece so I could listen to something boring, so I could try to not think about what’s happening around me," she continued, although she didn't reveal exactly what the "boring" audio was.

There has been quite a lot of insight into what the Queen carries in her signature Launer bag. In fact, it is something that she is very rarely without! She reportedly keeps a few "lady's necessities" including lipstick, a small mirror, her perfume as well as some personal and prized possessions.

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Olivia Colman with The Crown co-star Tobias Menzies at the 2020 Golden Globes on Jan. 5. Photo: © Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

At the 2020 Golden Globes, Olivia also made a statement with her accessories. Rather than her bag, it was her ring that was a talking point. Olivia adapted a badge, which she wears as a massive ring on her middle finger. It read, "Equal representation for actresses, 50:50." It was in reference to ERA 50:50, which is a British organization that wants gender balance on stage and screen in the UK.

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