Shania Twain closes American Music Awards with impressive medley of her hits

By Zach Harper

Shania Twain closes American Music Awards with impressive medley of her hits

Man! What a way to end a show!

Canadian icon Shania Twain closed the 2019 American Music Awards on Nov. 24 with an incredible medley performance featuring some of her greatest hits – and to say she did it in style would be an understatement!

Shania, who last appeared at the AMAs in 2003, opened the set by paying tribute to award winners of recent years, including Taylor Swift and Post Malone. She strummed a pink acoustic guitar as she sat alone on stage, performing Taylor’s “Shake It Off” and Post’s “Wow” in a gorgeous pink dress, complete with a pink microphone.

But then the performance went up a few notches – like, a lot, in a way that will (pardon us) impress you much. Shania stood up, and revealed her pink dress actually had an orange sequinned bodice underneath it, to which she’d added fishnet tights. The “pink dress” was actually a cape!

She then launched full-on into her hits, including “Still the One” and “Any Man of Mine.” At that point, she was joined on stage by a troupe of male dancers, who looked awesome in open cheetah-print vests and black pants topped off with cowboy hats. It was all very ‘90s!

At that point, the audience went completely nuts – and many of today’s biggest hitmakers were spotted getting their groove on in the front row! Post couldn’t help himself, and nor could Taylor, who both busted moves and sang along like her hugest stans to “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.”

At the end of her set, Taylor jumped up on stage, and was joined by Ciara. Both of them danced a bit with Shania, who has won a whopping five Grammys throughout her career and has sold more records than any other female country artist. Taylor gave her icon a huge hug, as did Ciara, and with that, the night came to an incredible end!

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