TIFF 2019: The Weeknd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Adam Sandler and Timothee Chalamet showed up to the wrong party on Day 5

By Jen Kirsch

TIFF 2019: The Weeknd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Adam Sandler and Timothee Chalamet showed up to the wrong party on Day 5

In a rather surprising turn of events, last night ended up having what felt like more star power and was without a doubt the best night TIFF so far this year. That might be because the parties didn’t start until 11:30 p.m. and midnight, respectively.

I was told to head to Patria for 11:30 p.m. on the dot, since it was meant to get jam-packed, and it certainly did. The celebration? Audi Canada hosted the Joker post-screening reception, where celebs’ cameos had me playing a game of Where’s Waldo.

An ever so punctual Edward Norton was already inside when I arrived at the expected time, sitting at his table joined by his wife, Shauna Robertson. What’s that saying? What happens in Fight Club stays at Fight Club? I’ll tell you this, dear readers: What happens in Patria goes into my party recap column.

Joaquin Phoenix arrived at 11:45 p.m. in a black SUV, which he exited with his fiancée Rooney Mara, who had a capelet over the black dress she wore earlier that evening on the red carpet. The two headed directly into the party, with Joaquin politely declining to be photographed on the step and repeat.

Joaquin arriving at the Joker cast party on Sept. 9. Photo: © Sam Santos/Getty Images for Audi Canada.

There was a large buffet of top-tier food, and the crowd filled out the beautifully designed room and out onto the patio. This was mainly to catch a glimpse of Oscar winner Joaquin, who was smoking at his table and in great spirits. I caught him – near the end of the party – having a minor PDA moment with Rooney (just a gentle catch me if you can touch that left me with a sweet sentiment about the pair).

Stars were coming and going, because, why not? Spotted inside: A T-shirt wearing Jon Hamm, along with Charlie Hunnam and Josh Lucas. Charlie stayed inside Patria to the side of the bar near the entrance and I didn’t see him chatting with any other actors.

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Robert De Niro was rumoured to be attending, and methinks that’s why there was an empty lone table (right next to Joaquin’s) with security and Warner Brothers publicists around it until it was obvious he wasn’t coming.

Meanwhile, across the street celebrating the premiere of Uncut Gems – which, like Joker, is getting serious Oscar buzz – The Weeknd of all people hosted a celeb-filled fête ,and a birthday party pop-up for Adam Sandler, the film’s lead gent. The event was at Ar’Cane and went until the wee hours of the morning. Abel hosted the event with Remy Martin US, and cocktails were flowing and flowing and then some. I left at about 3:30 a.m., and the party that was slated to wrap at 4am (!) showed no signs of slowing down.

Fans were thrilled to see The Weeknd at the Uncut Gems premiere earlier on Sept. 9. Photo: © GP Images/Getty Images

The Weeknd, who was looking dapper in a chic suit, had a mic in hand all night. He was in a booth standing on the couch whispering and putting his arm around Timothee Chamalet all night long in what appeared to be a serious bromance.

Come one, come all! There was a pleasant convenience in the two biggest parties of the night being across the street from one another. Jon popped into the event once again, this time with a blazer over the aforementioned tee. I wonder…did he see my Tweet? Charlie was also there yet again.

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Adam was sitting in the best booth in the house, donning a lovely little moustache. In all my years of covering the TIFF party beat, I have never seen this much security. They surrounded both his and Timothee’s booths, almost making it so you couldn’t see in, though everyone and their moms tried.

The Weeknd kept talking into the mic. He oft called out people there, like his man crush Timothee, of whom he couldn’t seem to get enough. Timothee was really into the party: Drinking, soaking up the attention and having a time. “Timothee keeps hiding in the corner,” the Weeknd said at 2:30 a.m. on the mic.

OMG, Jon touched our writer’s back! Photo: © GP Images/Getty Images for Audi Canada

The signature scent in the room was cannabis and tobacco, and Juuls and joints were abound. At one point, standing on my lonesome crafting an ITM tweet for you Hello! Canada, I felt an arm on my back and something about it gave me a split second of flirtatious chemistry. To my surprise, when I turned around it was Don Draper in the flesh. To say the night was simply lit would be an understatement.

The cast party for Ferrari v. Ford was also happening over at RBC House, though, as I reported here yesterday, Disney had a strict no media policy. That said, I was told the second floor of RBC House was decorated with nostalgic photos inspired by the film, bringing the story of Ford v Ferrari to life.

Ellen posed with fans on Sept. 8, just after the red carpet for her new documentary There’s Something in the Water. Photo: © SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images

Earlier in the evening, Ellen Page was at Thompson Hotel from 5-7 p.m., speaking on a panel hosted by The Wrap and Moet & Chandon. The “Power Women Toronto” had her joined by directors Kasi Lemmons and Hlina Reijn. Following their talk, there was a cocktail reception where the Moet was a flowin’.

Perhaps my favourite moment of the evening, which I feel blessed to have caught, was when Timothee accidently showed up to the wrong party. Upon arrival, he legit walked up to the step and repeat (with two security guards in tow), and when he was asked for a photo, he noticed the words Joker all over it and said earnestly: “This isn’t Uncut Gems ?” He was a sport nonetheless, and found his way directly across the street.

As for sightings, Matt Damon and Shia LaBeouf both lunched at Louix, Louis, the glam top-floor restaurant at the St. Regis. It should go noted, they were not together and dined separately.

Tonight I’m most looking forward taking you guys into the Judy premiere party, where Renee Zellweger is expected. My coverage will kick off on Twitter tonight around 6:30 p.m. from inside the Motherless Brooklyn bash, and will continue through the night. If you’re not already following Hello! Canada, do so to catch my up-to-the-minute tweets from inside the buzziest, exclusive parties. Also follow the #jensTIFFbits hashtag for tidbits of info and celeb sightings all TIFF long.

Night six, let’s do this!

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