Chrissy Teigen visits library for first time in two decades for storytelling with Luna

By Sarah Walker

Chrissy Teigen visits library for first time in two decades for storytelling with Luna

Chrissy Teigen appears to have a new love interest – and it’s none other than the public library!

The busy mom to three-year-old Luna and one-year-old Miles swung by her local branch on Aug. 7, and took to Twitter to share her excitement over the discovery.

“I just went to the public library for the first time in *23* years,” Chrissy wrote. “I could not believe my eyes. Did group storytelling with Luna, ran around hiding in nooks and crannies, got inspired by 1 million cookbooks and spotted many a difference in a highlights magazine. was awesome.”

In another tweet she added, “Seriously. Go to the library. It’s a delight,” before lauding the simplicity that goes along with visiting a branch. “I walked in and was like ‘wait you can just….walk in?’ then I walked out and was like ‘wait you can just…walk out?’”

On Aug. 9, the supermodel posted another tweet suggesting she start a book club at her library involving wine.

“I wanna start a chicken soup for the soul book club at the library and we just read to each other and drink wine,” she tweeted. “Can you legally serve free wine at the library?”

The thread has already garnered thousands of likes from Chrissy’s fans, as well as some hate from her biggest detractors… though she’s always admitted she doesn’t give haters much attention.

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“Everyone is trying to be helpful, but there is a way to say everything,” she told Parents in May 2018 of the mom-shaming she experiences after posting just about anything to social media. “You have to be understanding of people’s circumstances, and I think people should remember that everyone is just doing their best.”

She went on to joke: “You can call me whatever you want. You can call me ugly, you can say my forehead is big, you can say my dress is hideous, but once you start talking about my food and my child that’s when I get really crazy.”

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