Billy Eichner still can’t get over meeting Duchess Meghan at ‘The Lion King’ premiere

By Sarah Walker

Billy Eichner still can’t get over meeting Duchess Meghan at ‘The Lion King’ premiere

Ok, admit it: If you met Duchess Meghan, you would not stop talking about it, would you? Billy Eichner can’t, either.

The comedian stopped in at Today With Hoda and Jenna on July 22 and beamed while discussing the intimate conversation he and the Duchess of Sussex shared on the red carpet at The Lion King’s recent royal premiere in London.

“Meghan and I both went to college together – we were both theater majors at Northwestern,” the 40-year-old said. “We didn’t know each other when we were there, but we were there at the same time.”

Billy said the two then began a very casual conversation about their college acting professors and onscreen careers. It all went down in front of the likes of Sir Elton John and Jay-Z.

“She said to me, ‘Congrats on your career,’ and I said, ‘Congrats on your career,’ and she said, ‘Well, things took a little turn,’” Billy told the morning show hosts with a smile.

He then said he told the duchess, “A great turn! It worked out for everyone.”

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Billy on the Street star admitted he and his fellow Disney co-stars were nervous to meet the royals.

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"We were all kind of nervous, even Beyoncé,” he said.

"Really?" Jimmy replied. "They should be bowing to her!"

"That’s true, actually. She’s our American royalty," Billy added. "But what makes you nervous is in the days leading up to it, they email you a protocol of how you’re supposed to greet Prince Harry and they’re very intense about it. I’m not kidding."

Beyoncé and Meghan gave each other a big hug at the premiere. Photo: © Niklas Halle'n - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Billy, who plays Timon in the remake, said all attendees received the same rules to follow, but he ended up being relaxed when he met Meghan and Prince Harry.

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“They were very, very nice and totally chill and down to earth and lovely,” he said of meeting the royal duo. “I kept thinking she’s Princess Markle but that sounds like a character on Super Mario Brothers,” he also joked.

The red carpet appearance was one of the first for the duke and duchess since they welcomed Archie Harrison into the world in May.

The European premiere of The Lion King was held “in support of the conservation and communities work of His Royal Highness through The Royal Foundation,” according to the Telegraph. Disney pledged US$1.5 million to the Lion Recovery Fund in connection with the film, the publication added.

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