Jessi Cruickshank, Sangita Patel and Cheryl Hickey give expert advice to new mom Duchess Meghan

By Meaghan Wray with files from Savoula Stylianou

Jessi Cruickshank, Sangita Patel and Cheryl Hickey give expert advice to new mom Duchess Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan’s lives have changed forever now that their baby boy, Archie Harrison, is here. Despite being members of the Royal Family, and having plenty of help when it comes to raising their child, being a new mom is no easy feat – and Canadian moms Jessi Cruickshank, Sangita Patel and Cheryl Hickey are here to help.

The three women have some advice for the Duchess of Sussex leading up to her first Mother's Day with her royal baby...

Jessi Cruickshank: “Have a sense of humour!”

The TV personality welcomed her twin boys, Diego and Rio, with Evan Gatica in 2017. Jessi is known for her down-to-earth charm and hilarious personality, so one of her biggest tips for Meghan is no surprise.

“What is my humble advice to Meghan? Well I’m not a duchess, I don’t live in a castle, I don’t have a staff to help me raise my twins, but I do have a sense of humour,” the 36-year-old shared. “And with a newborn, you need a sense of humour because even though you are a duchess, you will get pooped on. And when you do, there’s nothing you can do but laugh about it.”

While a bit of laughter goes a long way, Jessi says there’s one thing no one warned her about. “People told me the birth was tough, nobody warned me about the afterbirth. It is gnarly! So make sure you’re mentally prepared for that,” she said. “And that Prince Harry is standing by with a cold compress and some adult diapers.”

She continued: “A truly heartfelt congratulations... Enjoy it, take time with that little newborn... Enjoy your time together because it’s so special and as everyone will tell you, it goes by so fast.”

Sangita Patel: “It’s okay to ask for help”

ET Canada’s Sangita is mom to two beautiful daughters Ava and Shyla with husband Samir – and knows a thing or two when it comes to maternal mental health, a topic Duchess Meghan likely holds close to her heart. “Something I wish I knew before I entered motherhood was that it’s hard mentally to take care of yourself mentally and it’s okay to ask for help,” the 40-year-old shared.

She continued: “My advice to the Duchess of Sussex as a first-time mom is enjoy every moment with your child, but when they’re sleeping, take time for yourself and your hubby and take care of yourself.”

Cheryl Hickey: “Block out the entire world”

Mom of two Cheryl wants Meghan to know it’s okay to nest and get the most out of the precious first few days with baby Archie. “The first few days after your beautiful baby is born, hunker down and block out the entire world because,“ she said. “Those first few days are so so precious and have as much skin to skin as you possible can.”

The ET Canada host has two kids, Jaxson and Nyla, with husband Kevin Foley. And believe her when she says it, every season is cold season with children! “Be prepared to get more colds than you’ve ever had before,“ she shared. “Kids are petri dishes, so get ready. Even when you’re royal, you’ll get a royal cold.”

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