Beyoncé takes us inside the delivery room with Rumi and Sir in new Netflix documentary

By Jessica Pollack

Beyoncé takes us inside the delivery room with Rumi and Sir in new Netflix documentary

In June 2017,Beyoncé welcomed twins Rumi and Sir with hubby Jay-Z, and almost a year later she gave birth to another life-changing creation – her history-making Coachella performance. In her new Netflix documentary, Homecoming, the superstar takes fans behind the curtain of both transformative events – even behind-the-scenes in her delivery room!

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“My body went through more than I knew it could,” the 37-year-old said of carrying her youngest children, which stopped her from performing at Coachella in 2017. “I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth. I had an extremely difficult pregnancy – I had high blood pressure, I developed toxic pre-eclampsia, and in the womb, one of my baby’s heartbeats paused a few times, so I had to get an emergency C-section.”

Beyoncé posed happily during an ultra-sound. Photo: © Netflix

In a beautiful montage of her pregnancy and labour, fans see a beaming Bey at an ultrasound appointment before flashes from the hospital following her c-section, Jay-Z still in his surgical gear and their newborns cozy in their hospital hats and swaddles. It ends with a stunning video of Beyoncé in bed doing skin-to-skin with her tiny newborns, looking the picture of maternal bliss.

The clips give way to an inside look at the rigorous lifestyle changes she made and rehearsals schedule she undertook to get back into shape and become the first black woman ever to headline the California music festival. “It’s my first time back home on the stage after giving birth. I’m creating my own homecoming, and it’s hard. There were days that I thought I’d never be the same, I’d never be the same physically, my strength and endurance would never be the same,” she explained.

The singer held her twin babies close to her chest after they were born. Photo: © Netflix

Other montages in the doc show Queen Bey playing with one of her twins in an activity centre, her older daughter Blue Ivy watching her practice, and mom and twins being lovingly reunited after rehearsal.

“Just trying to figure out how to balance being the mother of a six-year-old and of twins that need me and giving myself creatively and physically. It was a lot to juggle. It’s not like before when I could rehearse 15 hours straight,” she explained. “I have children, I have a husband, I have to take care of my body.”

Jay-Z, wearing hospital gear, kissed one of his babies on the forehead. Photo: © Netflix

In the end, she gave the world a performance that will never be forgotten, documented beautifully in this two-hour film and the surprise live album she released simultaneously. But Beyoncé also learned something major along the way.

“I definitely pushed myself further than I knew I could and I learned a very valuable lesson: I will never, ever push myself that far again. I feel like I’m just a new woman in a new chapter of my life and I’m not trying to be who I was. It’s just so beautiful that children do that to you.”

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