Neil Patrick Harris gives his brother a surprise home makeover

By Sarah Walker

Neil Patrick Harris gives his brother a surprise home makeover

It looks like Neil Patrick Harris may have found a new side hustle as a home renovator! The How I Met Your Mother alum recently pulled off a surprise makeover of his brother’s home, and the results are extraordinary!

“I would love for my brother to have a sense of pride about this house so he can show it off and feel proud of it,” Neil said in the latest episode of My Houzz, while describing his brother’s place as a bit of a “fixer upper.” The actor felt the New Mexico home’s backyard and den, in particular, needed a bit of love. “Brian doesn’t always want me to spoil him, but I think this is one way I can do it,” he noted.

The man his fans call NPH teamed up with designer Lisa Samuel of Samuel Design Group and landscaper Solange Serquis of Serquis + Associates to pull off the transformation. They created vision boards, chose colour schemes, went furniture shopping and even came up with an Indiana Jones theme for the backyard. The trio also found a unique way to incorporate Brian’s love of bees into the outdoor space.

The end result was absolute perfection, and it completely blew Brian away. “I was hoping that it would be nicer than it was… but I never dreamed that it would be this nice,” he said upon entering his new Spain-inspired den. His reaction to the backyard was just as good: “I’m just blown away… I’m speechless!”

“Watching his face, it’s really something I’ll never forget,” Neil said of the grand reno reveal. “I think my brother’s future looks better than ever… I mean he’s my big brother, so I want to make sure things go well for him.”

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Brian was sure to share his appreciation, too, saying, “Neil has been the most wonderful brother that you could be lucky to be born with. For him to give this to me, I’m just so excited!”

You can watch the full makeover – and others from celebs like Ashton Kutcher and Kristen Bell – above or here!

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