Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are perfectly in sync in rare joint interview: ‘I broke the rule for him’

By Meaghan Wray

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are perfectly in sync in rare joint interview: ‘I broke the rule for him’

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have amassed a legion of fans not only for their individual projects but also as one of Hollywood’s cutest couples. Aside from the fact that they’re both incredibly talented (and hilarious!) actors in their own right, their marriage is filled with love and mutual respect, qualities that were on full display in a rare joint interview with the Hollywood Reporter . “I broke the rule for him and him alone,” Emily explained as the couple gushed over one another.

The rule? Time with her family – the pair shares daughters Hazel, 4, and Violet, 2 – between films. "I have a minimum of a five-month rule between projects, other than A Quiet Place," she explained. And though time apart goes with the territory, John found himself happily jetting between Montreal and London while shooting Jack Ryan . "When I got [to London], I was so destroyed from time zones and not sleeping and all that and was so excited to see my kids, it didn't matter I had no sleep," he revealed before gushing about his wife. "On top of it, there was nothing from Emily but love and support." He definitely had her sympathy!

This year has been a big one for the parents of two, from their individual successes – Emily as the iconic Mary Poppins in the holiday’s biggest blockbuster and her husband’s role as the title character in the action-packed series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – to their first time working together on A Quiet Place. But these two go way, way back to 2008, when they first met through a mutual industry friend, Maniac star Justin Theroux – though their memories of those fateful days don’t quite line up.

“Probably me, I think,” the Devil Wears Prada actress answered when asked who made the first move. But John had another story: “Yeah, right … It was me asking for a while and you took some time, and then we finally had a date.” While they may never agree on how their relationship got its start, fans can aww over their laid-back first date – pizza in The Office star’s West Hollywood apartment.

Emily and John attended the premiere Mary Poppins Returns in November. Photo: © Rich Fury/Getty Images

Teaming up on A Quiet Place , John’s wildly successful foray into the hat-trick of writing, directing and acting, was something that worried and excited the famous couple. “I didn’t want it to be like, ‘Oh, how adorable. They’re working together.’ It was the only idea that had come our way that seemed bigger than our marriage,” Emily, 35, explained. “The narrative of our marriage was not going to overwhelm this movie and this amazing opportunity for him as a director, as a filmmaker, as a writer. I knew this was a big swing for him.”

John had his own set of fears where the post-apocalyptic thriller was concerned. “I didn’t want this to be the one job that she was like, ‘Listen, I don’t know if I love this, but I love you, so I’ll do it,’” the 39-year-old admitted. But she quickly assuaged his fears after reading the spine-tingling script – she simply had to play his wife. “I couldn’t imagine the thought of letting someone else play the part.” The mother of two broke the news to John on a plane home. “It was like she was proposing to me. It was one of the greatest moments in my career. I screamed out, ‘Yes!’ I’m surprised we didn’t emergency land in San Antonio.”

Clearly, these two are in it for the long haul – and this isn’t lost on their famous friends. "They are a down-to-earth couple, both really fun and funny," Chris Pratt told the publication. "They're caring and kind. They're always doing bits and making themselves and other people laugh." We just hope these two keep laughing their way into the future, because theirs is certainly bright!

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