Kate Hudson and Hailee Steinfeld join forces to help end world hunger with Michael Kors

By Meaghan Wray

Kate Hudson and Hailee Steinfeld join forces to help end world hunger with Michael Kors

Kate Hudson and Hailee Steinfeld have teamed up for an important cause! Joining forces with luxury brand Michael Kors, the two industry professionals teamed up to support Watch Hunger Stop on Oct. 16, a campaign with the United National World Food Programme, which helps alleviate hunger in the world's most at-risk communities.

As leaders in the fashion game, Kate and Hailee are the perfect people for this charitable partnership. The brand has been working with a multi-media artist working in Sao Paulo and New York to create the ultimate, limited-edition T-shirt to support the cause. All proceeds will go to the goal of achieving zero hunger in the world by 2030 – T-shirts can be purchased here. Though new mom Kate couldn't be there, she made sure to show her support on Instagram, sharing a photo of herself in one of the shirts along with the caption: "Usually at this time I am joining @MichaelKors in NYC to spread the word about our mission to #WatchHungerStop I was unable to be there because of baby but I am there in spirit and continue to journey on this road with him to #ZeroHunger "

The campaign turns five this year and counts Kate – who just gave birth to her third child, Rani – their continued celebrity partner. Of the campaign, the actress said: "There's something so simple but so deeply important about the work that the World Food Programme does. It is not just that [WFP] feeds children – though they do that and it's incredible. They also work to support families and education and local economies, working towards a bigger picture that enables communities, and ultimately countries, to get back on their feed."

The "Love Myself" singer, however, is a new addition to this particular Michael Kors cause – and she couldn't be happier. "It was an honour to team up with Michael Kors again, this time for such an important, worthy cause," she said in a statement. "All children deserve to have their basic needs met in order to fulfill their greatest potential. If we band together, we can end hunger for good." Last year, the beautiful brunette supported the brand's The Walk campaign, a street style themed campaign in support of their new handbag line in 2017.

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