Drew Scott and Linda Phan used their honeymoon to give back

By Meaghan Wray

Drew Scott and Linda Phan used their honeymoon to give back

Drew Scottand Linda Phan made sure to leave a little of their love behind when they jetted home from their recent honeymoon. Instead of a typical island getaway or European adventure, the newlyweds decided to travel to Ecuador with the Canadian charitable organization WE to build bathrooms in a remote village in the Amazon.

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“This year, for our honeymoon, we actually went to Ecuador, which is at the end of the Amazon rainforest, into a small village, and [we helped] build these bathrooms. These villagers have never had bathrooms,” Drew explained to Us Weeklywhile at a party in Los Angeles on Aug. 16. The HGTV star and his new wife are anything but traditional, says Drew, adding, “We don’t want to just go relax on a beach somewhere. Laying on the beach, yeah, that has never been a big thing for us.” Linda, who attended the event with her husband, was quick to agree: “The trip was great for me because we’re not conventional in terms of romance and date nights.”

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This is the second year in a row that the dynamic duo teamed up with WE to give back. Last year, the couple travelled to Kenya to help build up a small community with the organization. “It’s really amazing to see what WE does. They help bring clean water, food, education. They teach them hygienic practices and teach them ways that they can thrive and make money for their community. It’s really cool,” gushed the former Dancing with the Stars competitor.

Of course, despite torrential downpours and bugs, Drew, as always, made sure to surprise his wife with some grand gestures. “I worked with [WE resort Minga Lodge] one night to set up a romantic dinner for me and Linda,” he revealed. “We had a beautiful view of the water and the rainforest. It was phenomenal. And in the Galapagos, we had this surprise next-to-the-water, romantic dinner.”

WE also played an important part in the couple's wedding, which took place in Italy in May. In lieu of a gift registry, Linda and Drew asked all of their guests to make a donation to the organization. They even gifted their wedding parties WE-themed gifts, like pyjama sets, scarves and bucket bags hand-woven by Ecuadorean artisans. How sweet is that?

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