How Ryan Reynolds convinced Brad Pitt to make 'Deadpool 2' cameo

By Clare Douglas

How Ryan Reynolds convinced Brad Pitt to make 'Deadpool 2' cameo

Ryan Reynolds has revealed just how easy it was to get Brad Pitt to make a cameo in his blockbuster hit Deadpool 2. According to the Canadian actor, the Hollywood superstar would only agree to the gig if Ryan hand delivered him a cup of coffee.

“I was told all he wants is a cup of coffee and I said, ‘Like a franchise or just one individual cup of coffee?'" the actor shared during a sit down with Entertainment Tonight at Comic-Con in San Francisco. "I was told one individual cup of coffee, which was really his way of saying, ‘I’m doing it for nothing.’ And it was a total solid and the nicest thing anyone could do,” he added.

TAP FOR GALLERY Ryan revealed that Brad Pitt asked for a cup of coffee in exchange for Deadpool 2 cameo

The father of two was surprised by Brad's willingness to join the project, especially given the size of the role. “I just loved it, because what’s more irresponsible than taking one of the biggest movie stars in the world and giving him a role that is utterly wordless and invisible with an exception of three frames of film?” said the actor.

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When he wasn't talking about Brad Pitt, the Vancouver native was busy reflecting on his personal life, specifically his parenting skills. During the Deadpool 2 panel at the famed convention, Ryan revealed that with his wife Blake Lively busy filming a movie overseas, he's on full-time dad duty to daughters James, 3 and one-year-old Inez. "I’ve been having a ton of time to pretend like I’m watching the kids," he joked, adding, "She’s probably filing [divorce] papers as we speak."

Ryan joked that Blake is 'filing [divorce] papers' over his parenting kills.

Ryan was at Comic-Con to tease Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut – a brand new version of his film featuring deleted scenes and alternative jokes. The digital edition of the movie will be released Aug 7 followed by the Blu-ray drop on Aug 23.

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