Sophie Grégoire Trudeau to join Amal Clooney at Luminato conversation

By Meaghan Wray

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau to join Amal Clooney at Luminato conversation

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is a well-documented activist and voice for human rights, so it’s no surprise that the wife of Canada’s Prime Minister will be joining Amal Clooney on stage at her conversation with her father-in-law, the esteemed journalist Nick Clooney, on Friday (June 22) in Toronto. It’ll be Amal’s first time speaking in the city – a momentous occasion made even more inspiring as she unites with Justin Trudeau’s wife.

Sophie’s interests cover a broad range of topics that will be an insightful addition to the conversations at Roy Thompson Hall, where she will offer introductory remarks. From self-esteem to gender empowerment to women’s equality, the mother of three has proven time and again why she won the UN Women National Committee of Canada Recognition award back in 2013. International human rights lawyer Amal has made several speeches at the United Nations, often on behalf of causes related to women and children’s rights.

Sophie spoke at the 2018 Women in the World Summit in April. Photo: © Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Both Sophie and Amal have been vocal about the #MeToo movement, which erupted after dozens of sexual assault charges were made in Hollywood and resulted in a public outcry. “We are sitting at the tipping point on so many levels, here in Canada but across the world as well,” Sophie told the CBC. “We realized that by sharing our path of suffering, by sharing our stories and what has happened to us, we are realizing that we are not alone in this.” Mother of two Amal was certainly in agreement, telling Vogue: “I think because of the brave women who have come forward to tell their stories, the future workplace will be safer for my daughter than it was for people of my generation.”

The renowned barrister will be joined by husband George clooney’s dad Nick, a veteran journalist, to discuss the human rights issues that the world is facing today. As a brilliant woman who has represented clients that range from political prisoners to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Amal knows a thing or two about today’s political climate. The Luminato event promises to be an exciting one.

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