Jacob Tremblay passes the best young actor torch to Brooklynn Prince

By Jessica Pollack

Jacob Tremblay passes the best young actor torch to Brooklynn Prince

Jacob Tremblay must have some amazing tips to share with up-and-comer Brooklynn Prince! At age 11, the Canadian star - who snagged the Critics Choice Award for best young actor in 2016 - has been on the Hollywood circuit for years. But at the 2018 ceremony, the Wonder star posed on the red carpet with the adorable star of The Florida Project, fellow nominee and this year's big winner Brooklynn, who's just seven years old. Cue the collective 'aaaawwww.'

The duo seemed to be having a great time at the annual event, where film and television critics dole out top honours in their fields. Jacob was clad in a textured tuxedo jacket with black pants and Brooklyn was a bonafide princess in a red Dolce & Gabbana gown. According to journalist Scott Feinberg, Jacob approached the young actress to congratulate her. Ever the class act, he also shared a photo and gushing message on Instagram.

Brooklynn couldn't hold back her tears as she accepted the award, mounting the stage with the help of her dad. Overwhelmed by emotion, she melted the hearts of everyone in the audience with a sweet speech. "Wow, this is such a big honour! All the nominees are great, you guys are awesome, we should go and get ice cream after this! All the voters, you guys are awesome. Thank you so much.

"God, I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I would like to thank [director] Sean [Baker] for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be in his movie," she continued. "I would like to thank the cast and crew for giving me wonderful support. My family, you guys are awesome and my team."

Brooklynn and Jacob on the red carpet at the Critics Choice Awards. Photo: Getty Images

Finally, the precocious little girl had a call to action for everyone watching the show. "I would like to dedicate this award to all the Halley's and Moonee's out there. This is a real problem. We need to go out there and help. Thank you so much!"

The pint-sized star had the time of her life at the award show and even managed to pose with Angelina Jolie. Brooklynn has also been having fun promoting the film over the past few weeks, and even met one of her heroes, Daisy Ridley, who surprised her by moderating the SAG Q&A in early January. After Daisy hugged Brooklynn, the little girl said: "I'm very, very happy. You just made my day!"

Brooklynn posed with A-listers like Angelina Jolie at the awards show. Photo: Getty Images

Speaking about future roles, Brooklynn said: "I would like to be Little Rey in Star Wars… Do you know that Star Wars has been around since when there were dinosaurs? It was in a galaxy far, far away." She also told Daisy: "Do you know that you are so, so brave to take on a big movie role? Because Star Wars has been around forever — and when I say forever, I mean forever!"

In the critically acclaimed film, Brooklynn plays the daughter of a young, low-income mother with whom she lives in a seedy motel in the shadows of Disney World.

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