Nina Dobrev fearlessly swims with sharks for a good cause

By: Meaghan Wray

Nina Dobrev fearlessly swims with sharks for a good cause

Nina Dobrev may be many things – actress, model, dancer and singer – but fearful is not one of them!

Fitted with flippers and a diving snorkel, the Vampire Diaries star did away with fear and swam alongside sharks. In the video PSA for Oceana, the 28-year-old Canadian star expresses her love for the animal and her passion to save the ocean, “I used to be scared but then I learned the facts. Sharks keep the ocean healthy and they aren’t really interested in us.”

As she swims around with the gentle giants, the video cuts between gruesome shots featuring hundreds of shark fins on boats. She continues: “It’s our interest in their fins that’s scary. Millions of sharks end up in the global fin trade every year, and many grow slowly which means they face a high risk of extinction.”

TAP FOR GALLERYNina swims alongside a shark for an Oceana PSA.

At the end of the video, Nina speaks directly to the camera, asking viewers to join her important cause. “Please help and join me and Oceana in the campaign to stop the trade of shark fins and help save sharks.”

While swimming with sharks is certainly shocking, the actress’s love for animals isn’t.

In early 2017, Nina was heartbroken over the loss of her 18-year-old cat Miss Lynx. She later went on to add another furry friend to her family, an adorable puppy named Maverick who she regularly features on Instagram.

❤️Meet Maverick❤️ @Mrs.Maverick

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The Flatliners actress has also supported a number of other charities in the past, including Free the Children and Project Pink.

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