This baby’s reaction to seeing decorations will make your day

By Kevin John Siazon, Today’s Parent

This baby’s reaction to seeing decorations will make your day

The holidays can be super stressful—between all the shopping, gift wrapping and cooking, it’s easy to lose touch with the wonder of the season. Sure, it’s a little early (it’s not even Remembrance Day yet!), but let this video of a baby seeing Christmas decorations for the very first time kick-start your Christmas spirit.

Utah mom Hannah Law shared this video of a Costco shopping trip with her son Mick on Twitter late last month. It has since been shared on Facebook and viewed almost 10 million times, and when you watch you’ll see why. Mitch’s wide, sparkling eyes and eager cooing will melt even the iciest of hearts.

Here’s the quick rundown: Mom and baby roll into the warehouse and the second Mick notices the glittering decorations, he starts to holler in awe—until stunned silence takes when he hears “Jingle Bells.”

As they make their way through the aisles, Mick squeals and giggles with delight. He can’t talk yet, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to hum along with the carols. When the pair comes up to a figure of the Big Man in Red, Mick looks up and points. “Oh Santa!” Law says. She’s obviously enjoying her baby’s reaction as much as we are.

The video cuts out as they head for the Christmas trees, but there’s still plenty of cooing and wide, wondering eyes to make our hearts burst.

Watch the full video below:

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