John Travolta says Shania Twain is ‘born to be on film’

By: Meaghan Wray

John Travolta says Shania Twain is ‘born to be on film’

Shania Twain is going all in! Her return to music after a 15-year hiatus was a triumphant success, so now the country crooner is stepping outside her comfort zone and right onto the big screen. She is set to make her feature film debut alongside the legendary John Travolta in the upcoming movie Trading Paint.

The new flick finds the co-stars on the race track. The 63-year-old Hollywood veteran plays a down-and-out dirt track racing icon, whose son joins a rival racing team and incites some dangerous competition between the two. Shania is reportedly playing a character named Becca, but little else is known about her role.

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According to John, the country legend is made for movies. “Shania’s born to be on film! This is a beautiful role,” he gushed to ET Canada, pointing out that her music videos are proof of her talent. And for Shania, it appears to be a natural fit, “I thought it was going to be really intimidating! I was surprisingly comfortable and I know that has a lot to do with John,” she shared.

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Trading Paint will mark the 52-year-old’s first major role in a movie, but it certainly isn’t her first acting gig! Shania, playing herself, recently appeared on the hilarious Comedy Central series Broad City, and also made a small appearance in 2004’s I Heart Huckabees.

Between releasing her latest studio album Now, announcing her upcoming tour and now acting, the five-time GRAMMY winner is keeping herself very busy. Hello! recently caught up with the Ontario native to chat about her highly-anticipated comeback, “It’s been a big learning curve for me in a lot of ways. I [vented] a lot of things in the songwriting and expressed a lot,” she shared candidly. “I’ve developed a lot over these past couple of years. The album has really launched me into a whole new mindset.”

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