Demi Lovato gives some lucky fans an incredible birthday surprise

By: Meaghan Wray

Demi Lovato gives some lucky fans an incredible birthday surprise

Demi Lovato didn’t let the release of her new album Tell Me You Love Me overshadow the birthdays of some of her most loyal fans. During the new LP’s release party, the singer sweetly called out two birthday girls and presented them with flowers and balloons.

The 25-year-old pop star hopped on the mic and announced to the crowd, “I want to wish a happy late birthday to Nancy!” before heading over to give her fan a handful of birthday balloons and a giant hug. Afterwards, Demi gifted a bouquet of flowers to another fan named Brianna, who Tweeted about the surprise.

Tell Me You Love Me is the singer’s sixth studio album. During a recent press conference, Demi reflected on her new music, and revealed how excited she is to venture into unchartered territory on the Lil Wayne-featured track “Lonely.” “The inner hip-hop wannabe star that I am is freaking out! My inner rapper is going crazy,” she exclaimed.

While music is one way she connects with her fan base, the signer is vocal in her dedication to her fans’ health and happiness. After battling with substance abuse, addiction and self-harm, the singer is a strong advocate for mental health awareness. She always makes sure her fans know they aren’t alone in their own challenges.

The Teen Choice Award winner recently opened up about her experience with bullying on Van Jones’ “We Rise Against Hate” tour on Aug 15. She shared that it’s her mission to spread an important message: bullying isn’t cool, even if it’s accepted and normalized in schools. During the interview, she reflected on some of her own experiences, “I remember being harassed online and through text messages, and I was verbally bullied rather than physically bullied,” she continued, “It just hurts to see so much pain and suffering that people are having to deal with. If you don’t use your voice, especially with the platform I have, you’re being a bystander. Bystanders are just as bad as the people causing the crisis.”

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