James Corden transforms into Pennywise for hilarious ‘It’ skit

By: Meaghan Wray

James Corden transforms into Pennywise for hilarious ‘It’ skit

James Corden swapped his tailored suit for the colourful garb of Pennywise from the new horror flick It for a hilarious segment on Wednesday’s (Sept. 13) episode of The Late Late Show.

The skit hinged on a comedic confusion between Pennywise and the I.T. department. Office worker Tim calls for technology support but actually receives James, instead, who got the two confused. Though the 39-year-old looked shockingly accurate dressed as Pennywise, he was more LOL than frightening.

James showed off a softer side of Pennywise, as he truly wanted to help Tim fix his computer. Then when the real IT help showed up it was none other than fellow knight of fright Freddie Krueger, who claimed to be turning over a new leaf.

The father of two also uses his platform and amazing sense of humour to make political statements. Earlier this summer, James showed his support for transgender members of the military the best way he knows how – through song and dance. But instead of dressing as a clown, the star donned a tuxedo and top hat to perform a rendition of Nat King Cole’s classic hit “L-O-V-E,” perfectly titled “L-G-B-T.”

The special July 26 performance was in response to Donald Trump’sdecision to ban transgender Americans from serving in the military.

While surrounded by dancers, the 38-year-old belted out criticism over the politician’s accusations that transgender members of the military are a ‘burden” on tax payers. “They only want rights we all deserve/ transgender troops are not a huge expense,” sang the host. James wrapped up the passionate performance with a thank you to all those who dedicate their lives to serving their country. “We have love for you,” he crooned while dancers waved pride flags in the background.

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