Ryan Gosling responds to Harry Styles saying he makes his heart race

Ryan Gosling responds to Harry Styles saying he makes his heart race

Harry Styles needs to see a doctor, this according to Ryan Gosling. The Canadian actor has expressed his concern for the One Directioner after it was revealed in a recent interview on BBC Radio 1 that Ryan makes Harry’s heart race.

“I’m more concerned he may have a heart condition. It’s less about me and more about something serious so,” joked the actor during an appearance at Comic-Con. He added: “My prayers are with him and I hope he has a safe and swift recovery.”

The LOL-moment happened when radio host Nick Grimshaw hooked Harry up to a heart monitor and showed him a picture of a shirtless Ryan from The Notebook. The 23-year-old was quick to quip that it was his love of romantic films that caused the reaction.

Harry also knows a thing or two about getting people’s hearts racing. When he’s not singing emotional ballads off his self-titled solo album, the British star is charming audiences with his performance in the captivating World War II film Dunkirk, the star’s first feature-film role.

Harry even won over award-winning director Christopher Nolan. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the movie maker explained, “I was new to Harry. I mean, I’d heard his name from my kids, but I wasn’t really familiar with him. What I was seeing [when Styles auditioned] was a very charismatic guy who clearly had a truthfulness and a subtlety in his ability to perform as a film actor.”

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