Jillian Harris shares details about her romantic proposal: ‘I thought it was a joke!’

By Hayley Bradbrook

Jillian Harris shares details about her romantic proposal: ‘I thought it was a joke!’

More than six months after Jillian Harris shared her happy engagement news, the Canadian star has finally revealed how her longtime love Justin Pasutto popped the question. The mother of one opened up about the “perfect” Christmas Day proposal on her personal blog.

The couple got engaged on Christmas Day in 2016

“I’ve always wanted to get engaged on Christmas morning and Justin always thought it was cheesy so the fact that he thought it was a silly idea I thought for sure it wasn’t going to happen, but it didn’t stop me from pressuring him every single Christmas to do it!!” she wrote in the blog post, before adding that Justin’s original plan was “to do it later that morning but [she] think[s] he started getting nervous so he had the urge to do it right away.”

Jillian also revealed that she couldn’t understand why her boyfriend of four years kept asking her to open a box of macaroons. “I kept telling him no,” she said, unaware that her ring was inside!

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After much convincing from Justin, Jillian finally opened the box and was shocked at what she found. “I just remember staring at the ring and being so confused and thinking it was a joke or that I was being punked. Then it hit me. This is happening. Now. On Christmas morning!!! OMG He is proposing. It was everything I dreamed of but nothing I had expected, it was perfect!” Jillian exclaimed.

The couple’s engagement was the cherry on top of a pretty incredible 2016. In addition to getting engaged, Jillian and Justin became first-time parents in August when their son Leo made his debut. Luckily for fans, the former Bachelorette documented the milestones for the docuseries Jillian and Justin, currently airing on W Network.

TAP TO VIEW GALLERY Jillian revealed that the proposal was "perfect"

Despite her busy schedule, the 37-year-old admitted that she is already planning her wedding, but it will probably won't happen anytime soon. “We’re actually considering getting married on our property but we want to get the landscaping done first and we’re also talking about baby number two soooo the wedding might just be pushed for a few years yet!” she said.

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