Highlights from Katy Perry’s interview with an adorable seven-year-old fan

By Hayley Bradbrook

Highlights from Katy Perry’s interview with an adorable seven-year-old fan

Katy Perry has been interviewed by some of the world’s biggest names in journalism, but her latest sit down might be her most intimidating to date! In anticipation for her upcoming fifth studio album Witness, the singer was quizzed by a very inquisitive seven-year-old fan named Poppy Brown for W Magazine. The two talked about everything from Katy’s hula hooping skills to being a home body and even sang a tune together.

“Can you hula hoop?” the second-grade student asked Katy, to which the star replied “kind of” before adding that she is much better at roller skating. “I can skate backwards, crouch down, and put one foot in front of me.”

Poppy then steered the conversation to Katy’s personal life and asked the chart topper what she likes to do when she isn’t touring and making music. “I love staying at home. I love watching documentaries. My sister lives right next door to me and she has two little girls. I basically go over there and just hang out and we eat food,” Katy explained.

TAP TO VIEW GALLERYKaty Perry was interviewed by an inquisitive 7-year-old named Poppy Brown

The 32-year-old also revealed that she’s got a green thumb. “I do love planting things. At my house I have a really big garden and then I get to eat the vegetables. If you can make a salad from your backyard it’s the coolest thing in the world,” she told Poppy.

Then it was time to talk music. Poppy admitted she had never heard of the song “Oh Happy Day” – Katy’s favourite song from when she was seven-years-old – but she was well versed in the California Girl’s extensive catalogue. When she revealed her go-to Perry track is “Firework,” Katy asked her new friend to join her in a duet. Poppy happily obliged and the two sang a few lines from the hit single in perfect harmony.

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