Tom Cruise has the best reaction to seeing memes of himself

Tom Cruise has the best reaction to seeing memes of himself

Tom Cruise recently discovered memes of himself, and he can’t get enough of them. During an interview with BBC Radio 1, The Mummy star was introduced to “Tom Cruise clinging off things memes” – photo-shopped images of an action shot of the actor hanging off a variety of hilarious objects – and the 54-year-old star couldn’t stop laughing.

It’s safe to say that the Mission: Impossible star loved the pictures. "That's fantastic!," Tom exclaimed through a fit of laughter, adding that he wished people told him about the memes earlier. "Oh my god why hasn't anyone shown me this before? That is hilarious!" said the star.

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Ali had one more meme up his sleeve. The host presented Tom a photo showing him hanging off of Nicolas Cage, which caused the award-winning actor to laugh so hard he struggled to breathe. Fortunately, a glass of water was on hand to calm him down.

Tom has been busy this week promoting his new film The Mummy in the UK. He made sure to visit The Late Late Show with James Corden , which is on location in London, where he helped the host promote a themed attraction on the River Thames dedicated to the actor’s illustrious movie career.

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