The inspiration behind Drew and Jonathan Scott’s steamy bathtub photoshoot

The inspiration behind Drew and Jonathan Scott’s steamy bathtub photoshoot

Drew and Jonathan Scott are used to renovating and selling homes in front of a camera, but a recent project saw the brothers step out of their comfort zone and into a bathtub for a very steamy photoshoot. The Property Brothers stripped down for award-winning television director TJ Scott, who compiled a collection of celebrity portraits in his new book In The Tub 2 to raise money for breast cancer research.

They may be twins but when it comes to creating the ultimate portrait, both men took different approaches. Jonathan showed off his best smouldering look while donning a soaked white buttoned-up dress shirt and tie while lying in a tub. Drew on the other hand appeared shirtless with his rock hard abs on full display as he emerged from the shadows in a tub full of dry ice.

Clearly their fans loved the seductive photos as the pictures have alrady garnered more than 23,000 likes on Instagram. The shots were also a huge hit with the guys’ significant others, Linda Phan and Jacinta Kuznetso.

Drew told People that his fiancée Linda “loved” the picture, adding, “[She] wanted her own shoot done in the tub!” And according to Jonathan, his girlfriend Jacinta “wanted [him] immediately to get back into a tub naked again.”

And while the Vancouver natives are loving the attention the photographs are generating, they want to ensure that people are still focusing on the cause the book benefits. “We’ve supported many breast cancer charities over the years and I think everybody knows somebody who has been affected by it. Sometimes it can be a difficult subject to talk about. I think by creating beautiful art like this, it’s starts a conversation,” said Jonathan.

The Tub 2 is currently available online at Indie GoGo.

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