Harry Styles and James Corden reenact the Titanic and more Rom-Coms in Carpool Karaoke

By Emmy Griffiths

Harry Styles and James Corden reenact the Titanic and more Rom-Coms in Carpool Karaoke

The latest instalment of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke took a very emotional turn!

Harry Styles and the late night host showed off their singing skills before reenacting some of the most romantic scenes from Notting Hill and Titanic, with Harry taking on the female roles. Speaking about his last appearance on Carpool Karaoke as part of One Direction, Harry joked about being in the front seat, saying: "I feel like I have more control over the buttons."

The pair sang Sign of the Times and James commented on how emotional the song was, telling Harry: "I went somewhere else there! I went somewhere - emotionally I was elsewhere." Harry agreed, adding: "It makes me cry performing it sometimes. I find it quite emotional. In like a cool way." He also revealed that his mum had cried when she listened to his solo album for the first time, joking: "She did cry. In a cool way."

Harry and James Corden James and Harry performed Endless Love

With Harry dressed in a floral shirt, James joked that he could never pull of the look, and the pair proceeded to try several different outfits, including a string vest with a leather waistcoat and a metallic gold T-shirt. After Harry added a pair of sunglasses to complete one of the unusual looks, James joked: "There's nothing the man can't wear!" The pair then ended up giggling after performing a duet of Endless Love. Following the song, James put his hand on Harry's cheek, saying: "Why can't I quit you? I can't quit you," while Harry said: "I don't want you to." Laughing, James joked: "I need to have a chat with my wife," while Harry added: "I need to have a chat with your wife."

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