​Shia LaBeouf arrested at anti-Trump protest

By Sarah Walker

​Shia LaBeouf arrested at anti-Trump protest

Shia LaBeouf has never been one to shy away from a controversial situation, and Thursday was no different.

According to video online, the American Honey star has been arrested and charged with misdemeanour harassment and assault as a result of his participation in an anti-Donald Trump protest in New York City.

TAP FOR GALLERY The actor's live stream started the day of the presidential inauguration.

Since the presidential inauguration on Jan. 20, Shia has been taking part in a live stream called "He Will Not Divide Us," that openly condemns the recent actions and political agenda of the new POTUS. The actor developed the project with his frequent collaborators Luke Turner and Nastja Ronkko. Stars like Jaden Smith have stopped by the art installation to show their support.

New York Police say the 30-year-old actor's arrest was the result of an altercation that broke out early Thursday (Jan. 25). Reports are that Shia scuffled with a passerby who said something he disagreed with. The pedestrian was left with scratches and bruises, and shortly after the altercation ended the star was taken from the area in handcuffs.

The star has since been released and was spotted back at the art installation, which is located outside of the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens.

"He Will Not Divide Us" is the star's latest art installation.

Brushes with police are somewhat common for the vocal California-native who regularly takes part in demonstrations and supports a variety of causes, including anti-political groups and those that want to fight climate change. He's also taken part in some controversial art productions, including one stunt that saw him live in an elevator for 24 hours.

Of his most recent protest, he said on his website, "The mantra 'He Will Not Divide Us' acts as a show of resistance or insistence, opposition or optimism, guided by the spirit of each individual participant and the community."

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