Jane Fonda takes aim at Justin Trudeau during visit to Alberta oilsands

By Sarah Walker

Jane Fonda takes aim at Justin Trudeau during visit to Alberta oilsands

Jane Fonda has made it very clear that she's unhappy with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's support of a new pipeline that would see bitumen (a substance used in the development of gas) shipped from Alberta to Texas.

At the heart of the issue is what the pipeline could destroy -- particularly environmentally precarious land and First Nations territory.


Jane Fonda slammed the prime minster during a press conference on Tuesday.

The 79-year-old took specific offense to the 45-year-old's approval of the development because of his advocacy for clean energy and eco-friendly policies at 2016's Paris Climate Talks. Many even dubbed him the "shining hope" of the conference.

"I guess the lesson is we shouldn't be fooled by good looking Liberals no matter how well spoken they are," Jane said at a press conference in Fort McMurray on Wednesday. "What a disappointment."

The award-winning actress made the trip to Alberta to learn about the impact the province's oil sands are having on the health of Canada's ecosystem. She's also set to speak at a Greenpeace Canada event at the University of Alberta on Wednesday night.

The Hollywood icon is known for standing up for a variety of causes close to her heart.

After taking a helicopter tour of the area, Jane told the CBC the development "made my body ache."

At a press conference held later on Tuesday, she said: "We don't want these two new pipelines (Kinder Morgan and Energy East) and we don't want any future agreements between Trump and Trudeau to go back into the issue of Keystone XL... it's not to the benefit of anyone except the oil companies."

While The Newsroom star has previously said she's not an environmental activist per se, she has been a vocal campaigner for civil rights and a promoter of anti-war policies since the 1960s.

At one point during her visit, the actress was confronted by protesters who claimed she was visiting Fort McMurray at a bad time (the town is still recovering from last year's devastating fires).

To that, the Barbarella star said, "No, it's exactly the time [to visit]... In California, we are seeing flooding. We are seeing fires that are burning up whole communities. We watched Fort McMurray burn, and it was so painful for us. But it's part of global warming."

She added: "We come here with tremendous open hearts and compassion for what people have gone through here."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office has yet to respond to Jane's statements.

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