Heidi Klum shares her kids' reactions to her 'kinda freaky' clone costume

By Alexandra Hurtado

Heidi Klum shares her kids' reactions to her 'kinda freaky' clone costume

Heidi Klum makes no secret of her enthusiasm for Halloween, and fans excitedly anticipate her costumes each year! When it came to her 17 th annual bash on Monday (Oct. 31), the America's Got Talent judge revealed perhaps her most elaborate costume yet, making her big entrance at the star-studded party presented by SVEDKA Vodka shortly after midnight with five Heidi clones in tow.

“My kids think it’s a little bit freaky,” the mom of four told Hello!of her costume.

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The German-born beauty and her look-alikes donned matching embellished bodysuits and thigh-high Balmain booties to the party held at Vandal New York. Unlike her clones, which required facial prosthetics, Heidi admitted that getting dolled up for the occasion was much simpler than previous years.


“I mean for me it was definitely much easier,” the 43-year-old said. “I was with everyone there all day. I was filming everything, and I always like to give little hints but it was kind of difficult because I couldn’t film myself getting ready so it was a little tricky.”

Still, the unique costume idea, which she described to reporters as “six times me,” admittedly wasn’t Heidi’s first choice. “I was going to do something with the election,” she revealed. “But then I thought you know everyone else is going to be doing that already so I thought it was boring.”

The model admitted that getting ready was easier than in previous years

Instead, the supermodel decided to turn a red-carpet question into a clever Halloween ensemble. Heidi said, “People are always asking me how do you juggle it all and I thought ‘hmm I wish I could clone myself’ and then wait a minute, ‘I can clone myself. I’m going to clone myself as a matter of fact for Halloween.’”


Referencing her clones, the former Victoria’s Secret model admitted that her boyfriend Vito Schnabel “might like all six of us.” Heidi’s art curator boyfriend was in attendance for the bash, where Magic Candy Factory was making custom 3D candy for A-list guests, which included Nick Cannon, Serena Williams and Gabrielle Union.

"I just love the whole dressing up part of it," the Heidi Klum Intimates founder said of her love for Halloween. "I think it loosens people up. It’s kind of like something to talk about like what did you do, what did you do. I think it’s fun to see also what people come up with. I’m always interested to see everyone, see what they have planned out."

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