BC artist Deanna Lankin reflects on painting portrait of Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

By Erica Cupido

BC artist Deanna Lankin reflects on painting portrait of Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

A stroke of genius led to Deanna Lankin’s meeting with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. When the Tofino, B.C., painter – resident artist at House of Alaia jewelry boutique and gallery – was told that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife would be stopping in to browse their selection, she stayed up all night to create a custom work of art depicting Sophie taking the “exalted warrior” yoga pose.

TAP FOR GALLERY Sophie and husband Justin Trudeau were delighted with the portrait.

“Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is a huge inspiration to me,” Deanna tells Hello!, adding that she admires her commitment to helping women and encouraging Canadians to live healthy lifestyles. “She’s just such an empowered woman. She’s so kind and compassionate.”

Deanna painted the mother of three standing in the “exalted warrior” yoga pose.

Still, when Sophie visited House of Alaia, Deanna couldn’t work up the nerve to point out her piece until her special guest was being ushered out the door. But three days later, both Justin and Sophie came in to the shop – and left with the painting. “They’re lovely people. They were so personable, calm and kind,” Deanna tells Hello!, adding that it was Sophie’s idea to do the yoga pose in her photograph. “I’m so grateful for people like her who do what they do, trying to make things better.”

The Tofino-based artist says the couple are "lovely people."

Deanna was inspired to paint the mother of three posing on the beach after flipping though some photographs taken by her friend Chris Pouget. "He had taken these beautiful yoga shots on the beach and I was looking and I thought, ‘Oh that’s the beach that they’re staying on,'" she tells us, adding, "The girl kind of looked like Sophie and it was that strike of lightning. I was like, ‘Oh my god! I’m going to paint a painting of her doing yoga on the beach.'"

To see more of Deanna's work visit deannalankin.com.

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