Seth Rogen takes security job for WE Day very seriously

Seth Rogen takes security job for WE Day very seriously

The second annual WE Day television broadcast is only a few weeks away and Seth Rogen is doing his part to ensure that the biggest celebrity supporters of the charitable movement are granted access to the event. And while the Canadian actor tries his best to stay firm in his role as a security guard, the Sausage Party star can't hide his admiration for A-listers like Martin Sheen and Tyrese Gibson.

In a newly released promo for WE Day on ABC, the 34-year-old informs Sesame Street's Grover that in order to attend the event he must earn his way in through acts of goodwill. His stance starts to weaken when nine-year-old Jacob Tremblay strolls up and uses his Canadian passport to gain access. "What have you done to deserve to get into We Day?" asks Seth, who proceeds to let the Room star in after he answers with, "I'm Canadian."

The August 28th broadcast of WE Day on ABC will see celebrities like Selena Gomez, Charlize Theron and Kermit the Frog celebrating the passionate work of thousands of young people who are determined to make a positive impact both in North America and abroad.


Throughout the show, stars will join the organization's founders Craig and Marc Kielburger by encouraging viewers to take the WE Pledge and join the WE Community. For every pledge received $10 will be donated to the WE Charity, which helps fund education and housing projects overseas.

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