Canadian family bump into shirtless Justin Trudeau while hiking in Gatineau Park

Canadian family bump into shirtless Justin Trudeau while hiking in Gatineau Park

When Peterborough native Jim Godby and his family set out on a hike in Quebec's Gatineau Park, the last thing they expected to encounter was a shirtless Justin Trudeau enjoying the outdoors with his family in tow. The father of two was on a camping trip in the park when he stumbled upon the Canadian prime minister leading wife Sophie and their three children out of the region's Lusk cave.

TAP FOR GALLERY Justin posed for a selfie with Jim's son Alexander. Photo: © Jim Godby via PTBO Canada

Jim recalled the surprising moment to the Toronto Star, explaining, "It was like a 20-foot-wide round hole and Justin emerged with his family in tow and said, ‘This is the moment of truth; do we stop here or do we carry on?’”

He added that the experience "humanized" the politician, saying, "It was just said with such an enthusiastic, joyful tone that that’s what kind of struck me. He evidently enjoys leading. It seemed pretty characteristic of his personality.”

Justin and Sophie were on a family trip with their children Ella-Grace, Xavier and Hadrien.

Justin was in good spirits as he posed for an unforgettable selfie with the Godbys' 13-year-old son Alexander, which Jim later posted on Facebook with the caption: "When you step out your front door, you never know what adventures await."

Jim described Justin's demeanour as laid back and relaxed, noting, “It was a pretty normal dad moment. I think some of the other people walking by had no idea it was the PM.”


"It was something we will never forget," Jim added in an interview with PTBO Canada. "It was very exciting for us and the kids. What are the chances we had such a random personal moment with the Trudeaus. It was also cool to talk to the secret service guys!"

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