Jenny Mollen on why being a Kardashian is "so much work" and freezing with Lady Gaga

By Tionah Lee

Jenny Mollen on why being a Kardashian is "so much work" and freezing with Lady Gaga

Jenny Mollen is a New York Times best-selling author and hilarious actress precisely because she doesn't draw a line between navigating life with her family and entertaining fans as a social media star. For the 37-year-old, who has two-year-old son Sid with husband Jason Biggs, it's all the same thing – and she has been proudly oversharing personal details since publishing 2014's I Like You Just the Way I Am.

In her second venture, Live Fast Die Hot, Jenny shares everything from how she scaled a fire escape to save Sid's life to why she flew to Morocco on a whim for a rug. Some of these subjects are already familiar to fans thanks to her perfectly crafted Instagram posts, especially the most talked-about person in the book: her husband. And Jason doesn't seem to mind being the centre of attention - as long as she doesn't embarrass him with poor grammar. "I don’t think that he is as worried about his image as he is about wanting to correct my spelling," she joked to Hello!.

Jenny Mollen is a best-selling author, actress and comedian

Being married to a celebrity since 2008 has provided the hilarious platform for her stories – like selling Jason's rambunctious dog on Instagram or seeking out the perfect "mommy squad." However, it was Jenny's own celebrity status that led her to jump in the cold waters of Lake Michigan with Lady Gaga. Here, Jenny explains the story behind that frigid dip and why she couldn't handle the stress of being a Kardashian.

First, we need to discuss your reaction to finding out your Chicago Fire co-star Taylor Kinney was dating Lady Gaga. Oh goodness, yes! On the show, he’s so low-key so I didn’t know anything. We were sitting at the airport together, and he’s like, 'You know, the weird thing is we met when we were doing her video for...' and then he named some Lady Gaga song...

The next weekend, we were back shooting, and I had put it together that his girlfriend was Lady Gaga. And then all of a sudden, he shows up to this charity event with her and we all jumped into Lake Michigan together.

Jenny Mollen has been married to Jason Biggs since 2008

Your husband Jason is a big part of the book. Is it hard to be so candid about everything? No, I don't think I know how to not. I don’t find it entertaining if it’s not real. I don’t want to read about the fabricated version of someone’s life. I want to know what haunts you, what are you ashamed of, what embarrasses you, what do you wish was different? I wouldn’t be a writer if I couldn’t tell the truth.

After two books and countless hilarious moments on social media, would you and Jason ever consider reality TV? Well, we actually just shot an episode of this Queen Latifahtravel show where Jason and I go to Hong Kong, and they followed us the whole time. I don’t know. Reality is hard. They’re filming you on the car ride; they’re filming you everywhere. I said to Jason when I was there, 'Being a Kardashian seems like so much work.' I can’t imagine. It’s just like, nonstop.

Is there anything that was hard to write about? It was hard to write about my dad for the first book because I know how sensitive he is. I knew he wasn’t going to take it as well as my mom, who can kind of roll with the punches and is used to having me tell her everything she has done wrong as a parent.

Jenny writes about traveling solo to prove a point and other insanely personal stories

Can you see your son Sid writing a book about you in the future? I mean, I hope he just describes me as being hot! I hope he makes me skinny if he writes a book about me. I mean sure, I hope my son wouldn’t want to be an entertainer because it’s a painful road. No matter what he does, I’m just going to get behind it full force. I have it coming for sure, and it’s going to be my payback for everything that I said about my parents, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Who is Sid more like, you or Jason? I think he is more me. He’s a little dictator so he’s kind of like a little power hungry control freak like me. When he gets mad, he’s very dramatic – the way that Jason is if he stubs his toe. He flails about on the floor for a half hour letting me know he’s been hurt.

You left us at the end of the book with Jason asking you if it was time to try for another baby. So, are you guys? I’m pregnant right now! I’m kidding, I’m not. We are going to try to have another one. It was easy the first time once I grasped how to do it, but now it’s just about doing it. It takes some coordinating.

Guys? He's now controlling my food intake. #Sidbiggs

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I know you were on a quest to find a good set of mom friends in the book. Did you ever find them? "I never had a go-to girl squad. I think that I’m only friends with loners, so I have a select group of loners that I hang out with individually. Since they’re loners, they can’t hang out with each other. My best friend is like 19 years older than me. I have another girlfriend who is like six years older than me, single and has nice handbags."

Who would you choose to be in your friend/mom squad? "Ahh, that’s such a good question. I don’t know, maybe Daveed Diggs, who plays Marquis de Lafayette in Hamilton. I would have him rap my story to me at all times. Maybe somebody that is really good at hair and makeup: maybe [hairstylist] Sally Hershberger. Jason is the best mom friend I ever had. He takes care of that. He is such a better mom than me."

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