Nature lover Justin Bieber relaxes in Ottawa park

By Sarah Walker

Nature lover Justin Bieber relaxes in Ottawa park

Justin Bieber has found a new way to relax during breaks in his busy tour schedule. As of late, the singer has been spotted enjoying down time outdoors, most recently in a park near the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.

During one of his more adventurous outings, the 22-year-old was spotted scaling then sitting in a tree in Boston Public Garden on Wednesday (May 11).

A video of the star shared on Instagram shows the "Sorry" singer wearing ripped denim shorts, a grey sweatshirt, sunglasses and a ball cap while straddling a rather large branch.

And another video haha aww ❤️

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According to several sources, Justin went on to listen to music, feed squirrels and do some stretching from his perch above the crowded green space.

The day before the singer was spotted wearing an all-black ensemble (including an oversized hoodie) and walking through the same park completely barefoot. He was also snapped going without shoes while exploring Boston.


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Though he looks relaxed, it's definitely bizarre behaviour that has raised some concerns about the Stratford native's health and well-being.

A source told E! that Justin "feels a lot of pressure on him from the world and all the attention really stresses him out... Then there are the concert reviews. They haven't been good, and it's been weighing heavily on him."

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And concertgoers told People the star was behaving weirdly at Tuesday night's performance at the TD Garden.

"He said he had a bad experience the last time he was in Boston, and this one's already off to a better start," one mother told the magazine. "He was in a glass box onstage. He was literally in a glass case of emotion," she added. "He didn't even try. At one point he just stopped singing all together."

Though the Purpose hit maker hasn't commented on all of the conversations, he has taken to Instagram to say he's going to stop taking photos with fans when he's out and about.

"If you happen to see me out somewhere know that I'm not gonna take a picture. I'm done taking pictures. It has gotten to the point that people won't even say 'hi' to me or recognize me as a human, I feel like a zoo animal."

He added he realizes people will be disappointed by the news.

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