Kim Kardashian defends husband Kanye West's latest Twitter rants

Kim Kardashian defends husband Kanye West's latest Twitter rants

Despite reports claiming that she is unhappy with his behaviour, Kim Kardashian has spoken out in defence of her husband Kanye West following the rappers recent rants on social media. The mother of two showed her support by posting a passionate message on her official blog.

The piece, titled "Currently," lists all of the things that are bothering the reality star, including the negative attention her husband is receiving. Addressing the controversial outbursts delivered by the rapper in recent weeks, Kim says she is "HATING that people don't get that Kanye will stand up against the whole world for his creativity and art." She also proclaims her love for her husband and gives a shout out to both his new album The Life of Pablo and Yeezy 3 clothing line.

Kim has voiced her support for husband Kanye. Photo: Getty Images

While the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star might want “everyone to be as honest as Kanye” the same can’t be said about the targets of his verbal attacks. Most recently, the GRAMMY winner called out Canadian producer Bob Ezrin for criticizing his music and public persona. Writing in his blog, the producer claims that Kanye’s greatest achievements “have been in the form of excessive behavior, egomaniacal tantrums and tasteless grandstanding.” The father of two didn’t let the comments go unaddressed, quickly taking to Twitter to ask his 19 million fans, “Has anybody ever heard of Bob Ezrin???”

During the publicized tweeting spree, he also threw shade at Taylor Swift, who has been at the centre of most of Kanye's recent drama after the two fell out over lyrics in his song "Purpose."

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