Justin Bieber talks about trying to hide his Selena Gomez tattoo

by Julie Delahaye

Justin Bieber talks about trying to hide his Selena Gomez tattoo

Justin Bieber is usually keen to show off his impressive collection of tattoos, but there's one inking that stands out among those on his arms, neck, chest and back: a former flame's face. In a recent video revealing the meanings behind his body art, the 21-year-old admitted that he has tried to hide the drawing of Selena Gomez on his wrist, a remnant from their highly publicized relationship.

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"This is my ex-girlfriend," he explained in a video with GQ magazine, pointing to the tattoo which is located on his wrist, surrounded by a sleeve of designs. "So I tried to cover her face up with some shading, but people still know."

The Sorry hitmaker also shared what prompted him to get his first tattoo, a small seagull on his hip.

"It's based on this book that my whole family read," he revealed. "Everyone's got it on their wrist and it was right before I really had any tattoos and so I wanted to make sure it wasn't visible and so I got it down here. Basically it was about this seagull who wanted to be more than just a seagull."

Justin got a tattoo of Selena Gomez while the pair were dating

Justin confessed that he tried to keep his first few tattoos in areas where they weren't particularly noticeable, explaining it was "because the world didn't know I was getting tattoos".

The Canadian superstar went on to share a few more of his favourite tattoos including the sweet tributes to his mother – he has an inking of her eye on his arm as well as her birthday in roman numerals on his chest. "Seems like I have a lot of stuff to do with my mum," he quipped, before revealing he'd had another tattoo done on his side, this time with his dad.

Despite having a wide variety of different artwork, Justin admitted that his latest tattoo, a pair of angel wings on the nape of his neck, is "my favourite".

New tattoo :)

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Justin's latest tattoo is a pair of angel wings on the nape of her neck

The singer revealed he had added to his extensive collection with a photo posted on his Instagram account. "New tattoo," he shared with his 58.3 million followers, who immediately began flooding the comments section with compliments.

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