Jonathan Scott shares his 5-step plan for the perfect first date

Jonathan Scott shares his 5-step plan for the perfect first date

If anyone knows how to build something, it’s Jonathan Scott. So when Hello! asked the handsome contractor and star of Property Brothers (and an endless list of other projects!) to construct a Cupid-approved plan for the perfect first date, the proud Canadian delivered a foolproof recipe for love. Here, in his own words, Jonathan breaks it down.

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First step: Show her that you're excited to see her by dressing up a little. Nothing crazy, but just show up not looking like a slob. I love John Varvatos and Hugo Boss. I usually sport a little business casual with a rocker edge. I want her to think "Wow!" without trying to overdo it.

Second step: Nobody has fun on an empty stomach. Book a restaurant with food she likes, but also where you can try something new. Not too fancy but also not too formal ... and keep it light as you don't want to be too full. I love to cook but I usually save that for a second or third date when I feel I have gathered enough intel to make the perfect meal. And when I do cook, it's not just about the flavour. It's also about the presentation and the whole experience. If she's a great down-to-earth girl then she'll appreciate the effort.

Third step: Have some great conversation. Nothing is more exciting than learning about somebody, so ask questions, be engaged, listen and genuinely take interest. You want to get excited without going overboard. Ask questions about her stories and don't be afraid to laugh at her jokes! I usually get some of my most embarrassing moments out early so I know if she doesn't leave then she's probably OK with my weird sensibilities.

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Fourth step: Find a fun, unexpected, physical activity that pulls you both out of your comfort zone. Maybe doing trapeze, rock climbing or even an escape room. Just something different. I've done all of these activities on first dates. I find the nerves and the fear of the unknown can draw you closer. One of the most fun first dates I ever went on, I took her to a pitch-black restaurant. It enhances your sense of taste, touch and hearing. But it's a little awkward because you can't see each other or see what you're eating. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. I wouldn't want to see how messy the table was when we left and they turned the lights on!

Fifth step: Most importantly ... laugh. Nothing makes a stronger impression than being able to laugh with each other. I think a good sense of humour is the sexiest trait a woman can have. So hopefully by the end of the date, our abs hurt from laughing so hard.

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