Julianne Hough professes love for Shania Twain's hit 'Man I Feel Like a Woman'

Julianne Hough professes love for Shania Twain's hit 'Man I Feel Like a Woman'

Julianne Hough admits that growing up she couldn’t get enough of Shania Twain’s hit song “Man I Feel Like a Woman.” “I was obsessed with it!” revealed the 27-year-old dancer during a recent interview with actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Keke Palmer. The trio star in the upcoming live adaptation of the hit musical Grease and took some time out of their busy promotional tour to quiz each other on their favourite things. “I love country music. Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Shania Twain – all those girls,” revealed the multi-talented star.

Shania shared her appreciation for the compliment by re-tweeting the video, first posted on the Grease Live Twitter account. Julianne isn’t the only fan of the Canadian star’s 1999 female empowerment anthem. The catchy single sold more than a million copies worldwide and had women yearning to add some tuxedo-inspired pieces to their wardrobe.

One person who makes Julianne feel like a much-loved woman is her Canadian fiancé, Brooks Laich. “I always had good family and good friends and got happiness there, from being among good people,” the NHL star told the Washington Post. “But as far as the personal relationship, I had never found happiness until the day I met Julianne. And the day I met her was the day, I knew.”

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While Julianne has admitted that within the Morman culture, “three months is a long time to be engaged,” the Footloose star acknowledges that finding time to plan a wedding is a challenge. While her beau is hoping to capture the Stanley Cup with the Washington Capitals, the Dirty Grandpa star is focusing on her acting career and the next season of Dancing With the Stars.

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