Emma Watson opens up about moving on from feeling 'inadequate' to 'authentic'

Emma Watson opens up about moving on from feeling 'inadequate' to 'authentic'

By age 11, Emma Watson had the level of success and fame that most people never reach in a lifetime. The British actress says that being in the spotlight at such a young age made her feel “inadequate.” Speaking candidly with Porter Magazine, Emma says, “As a young person, that feeling of not being comfortable in my own skin was exacerbated by the microscope I was under. The level of questioning I was under … I felt so inadequate because I just didn’t have the answers yet."

Emma is on the cover of the winter issue of Porter Magazine. Photo: © Porter

Now, after eight Harry Potter movies, graduating from Brown University and being a passionate advocate for women’s rights, the 25-year-old star admits, “For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a sense of self that I’m comfortable with. I actually do have things that I want to say and I want to be my most authentic self.”

Emma admits to feeling "inadequate" during her teen years. Photo: © Porter

The Beauty and the Beast star models covetable fashions from Chanel, Isabel Marant and Oscar de la Renta in the winter issue of net-a-porter.com’s companion publication. Over the years, the ingénue has developed into one of Hollywood’s most stylish stars, but her days of squeezing into tightly constructed dresses and sky-high heels are over. “When I was younger, I remember being told ‘no pain no gain,’" she recalls, “but recently my willingness to wear something that makes me freezing cold or that I can’t walk in has changed.”

While Emma still wants to feel “fabulous and comfortable and sexy and strong and beautiful,” when she goes out, she’s embraced a refreshing new outlook on personal style. “It's so sad if you need to go home just because you need to sit down! Moving forward, I'm prioritizing just feeling awesome."

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